Sunday, September 23, 2012

Blog Post ADD

I have decided I am ‘blog post ADD.” I started posting about writing...and now I have switched to somehow posting about random little life things. This is ok...but I need to stick with writing! And so I have decided to start a new blog about my life, and transport this one back in time to writing and weekly assignments. If you would like to continue following my life, you can read about it here!

Thanks guys! I will start posting more as soon as life slows down a little.

Thursday, August 30, 2012


We all have different favorites...different movies, books, tastes, colors. We are all unique. We all have special goals and pet peeves and things that inspire us. I myself have never been able to 'choose' favorites. Color? No problem...I love green. Season? Easy...winter. But ask me something with substance? My mind goes blank. I have been asked "what is your favorite book? What is your favorite movie? What is your favorite animal?" And every time my mouth has stumbled for words. I have never been able to make up my mind...but a few weeks ago, someone asked "what is something that means something to you?" I needed to think. I never gave that person an answer...but a few days later, I figured it out. Rainbows. 

One of my favorite things are rainbows. But not the perfect, fully formed ones that gleam. Not the ones that are fully complete. Not the ones that photographers desperately crave so they can catch that 'perfect shot.'
I like the ones that form when it is still raining. The ones that are fluent, blown in by the whispering breath of a wind. Their dazzling veil of a vision wavering like a memory. So vague...vacant...pulling at your mind and trickling into your sub conscious. Beautiful. The ones that you didn't expect, the ones that look like you could blow them away with a blink. They glitter and look so liquid, fragile, suspended in the air with tiny droplets of imagination. The rainbows made just for you.

Every time I see a rainbow, my breath can't help but catch in my throat. It shocks me, seeing something so simple...just a mixture of colors...but yet it is magnificent. It is like a painting, the colors spread out across the sky. To me it is a message from our Maker..."I am here..." It is the promise that he will never break.

"And God said, “This is the sign of the covenant that I make between me and you and every living creature that is with you, for all future generations: I have set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be a sign of the covenant between me and the earth. - Genesis 9:12-13"

It is divine...we can trust God without hesitation. Things in this world will pass, people will disappoint, your heart will get broken multiple times...but God will never leave you.

"Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you." Deuteronomy 31:6

It is beautiful. 

Friday, August 24, 2012


"As the fall leaves change, their crisp golden shells glittering in the pale sunlight, You guide their path. As they glide to the ground from the gentle breath of the wind, resting their weary souls upon the earthy crust, You show them the steps they need to take in the final hours of their lives. As new leaves bursting with fresh joy come and the old, cracked lives are forgotten, You guide all who fall to rise again in You as new creations..."
 - random thoughts from a girl who is ecstatic about fall...does it make sense? Probably not...but what else is the imagination for? 

Our lives can be unpredictable, though they spin on their perfect little axis, circling the sun of a habitual life style that never changes, never twists. It always stays the same. It’s reliable, dependent, something to trust.

But then the 'unpredictable' happens. Change.

It can be a little, miniscule thing that rocks your world off of its rotating point. A pebble, a thought, an idea. A crazy burst of inspiration to do something completely out of the norm. Or it can be something unexpected. A person waves to you in the street, you simply have a bad day, you realize that you accidentally left your makeup at home and you need to show people the real you for a day. Change comes unexpected, and not always welcomed.

God lets change happen for a reason. He opens new doors that might seem unfamiliar, or totally different than what you thought you wanted in the first place. Change can come and move your life in a new direction completely. A new path that you never would have chosen on your own. When I was five I was completely determined to someday becoming a mermaid. When I found out mermaids didn’t exist, I was devastated...but it just opened new doors that gave me better opportunities than I ever could have imagined. 

I have a challenge for you: Trust God. When change comes, just roll with it. Accept it.

Change may seem entrapping, dangerous. Unknown. But in the end, change is usually what sets us free. Completely and blissfully free.

"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go"  - Joshua 1:9

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Doctors offices, trolls, and gnomes.

              Doctor’s offices. They are funny things. They have a way of getting under your skin...the methodical beeping, the knowledge you are accomplishing nothing except impatience. Nurses constantly rush around, their brains tallying the scores of past patients, the kid that scraped his knee, what should they cook for dinner? My own brain? It was as dead as a doornail...smashed through several doors. After sitting in an office for 20 minutes waiting for my friend, I was alerted that my time in the ‘soft’ chair was not even close to being finished...and at that my imagination had had enough. Stamping its feet impatiently, it unfurled itself creakily. I hadn’t opened it for a long, long time...much to my shame. Dusting off rust and leftover ideas, it leaped out of its chair, pointed across the street at an interesting, quirky old shop, and I reluctantly took it’s offered hand and walked outside. My imagination had been awakened, and with it my curiosity. It was thirsty for adventure...my dry spell of limitless procrastination and dead ideas was done. It was time to explore.
It all started with a game of leapfrog. I hovered cautiously in front of a sixlane ‘road.’ Salt Lakeians have funny ideas like that. I, being raised in a town where a one-lane road is called a highway, thought this six lane ‘street’was intimidating, to say the least. My destination sat straight across from me, and I gazed at it through the zooming cars and glittering bumpers. I had to make it across...I had to. That place looked magical...and I would never forgive myself if I passed it by.
My legs however, were not quite as willing. Hesitation flowed through my bones like liquid lead, holding me down with invisible strings...did I really need to look at that shop? Couldn’t I just take a picture and call it a day...?
My imagination screamed in my face so loudly that it put my brain into shock...and when it recovered I was fully armed in froggy armor. Let the game of leap frog commence. I could basically hear the cheesy arcade music in the background...
And so I scuttled across the road. In my brain I was dodging through cars, ducking and rolling between the slices of danger, the sweeps of daringness and the doses of cunning knowledge. In reality I waited patiently as the cars passed, and when the road was clear, I looked ‘left’, ‘right’, left’, ‘cross’ just like it says to do in a kindergarteners school book.
I like my brains version better.
But I had made it. I stood on the sidewalks edge, the pavement steaming and sizzling beneath my feet and the sun baking my skin. In front of me was my destination. A shop was nestled between rows of huge flowers and bushes, trees and shrubs. It was quiet, despite being placed in the center of a city. It was magical.
I politely walked to the door of the store, sneaking glances in the bushes to catch sight of hidden fairies and gnomes...but my eyes snatched nothing atfirst. Heaving a sigh of vague disappointment, I took a step inside. Air conditioning hit full force, and my body sighed in relief as the 105*F weather was melted off of me. Gazing around, I was surprised. No giants hunched in corners, no mushrooms popped up through the floor. There wasn’t a fairy ring looming in the center of a huge arch. There were just shelves of touristy goodness, a rack of sunglasses...a nail with a few aprons hanging on it. There were a lot of birdcages, that was for sure...but nothing out of the ordinary. I walked around for a few minutes, and then my imagination took control again. Ornery little thing.  
Look at the little things.
Just a whisper, but I took the hint. I decided to go around the store one more time...and look a little closer. I searched the corners...and again, surprise hit me. Hidden in every corner, were tiny trinkets of adventures. Figurines of dragons and fairies...they had been turned to stone by an evil witch. Glass bottles lined a windowsill...I am positive they held liquidized dreams and wishes.There were four clay jewelry boxes, but I could obviously tell that they held invisible imagination pills. Those are always the easiest kinds to sneak to people who need help in their imagination growing. I gazed at all of these little things, and as I slowly got more and more enveloped in the exciting mysteries I was unfolding...I heard a bird caw.
Startled, my eyes darted to where the sound had come from...nothing. But I wasn’t fooled that easy. I tiptoed to a huge birdcage nestled in a corner covered in a blanket, and with shaking hands...looked inside. A huge, bright blue bird was bulging inside, anger lining its eyes and beak. It cawed again, loud and obnoxious. It was trying to tell me something... but I wasn’t sure what it was...and I didn’t own the shop, so it didn’t matter. I reluctantly left thebird, and started walking toward the door to walk through the flowers...when I realized something. The owner was nowhere to be found.
I couldn’t let that go unexplored.
I looked cautiously around...no owner. There was only one place I hadn’t looked. A door was nestled into the wall, basically shining with mystery. Employees Only! Was taped clumsily on the wooden panels...but the door was cracked open. If I peeked, I wouldn’t ‘technically’ be going in. 
I took the bait, and, tiptoeing up to the door...I looked inside. That is when I spotted the troll. This store wasn’t owned by a person at all....just a troll dressed in a sponsor hat and jean pants. And surrounding the troll, were birds. A good dozen cages were lining the walls around him...colorful birds tweeting and clawing and rustling. They were trapped.
Instantly my brain wanted to set them free from the cruel clutches of the troll...but I knew I would never be able to do it without the aid of my sister, Nadine Brandes. It would have to be saved for another day.
Witha defeated sigh, I turned and left the poor birds to their imprisonment, promising to return someday and set them free. It was time to continue exploring, and so I returned to the fresh air outside. The sun was still pouring its beams down, liquid heat seeping into every crevice and crack, and I could basically see the barely-existent humidity of the air dissipating with a sizzle. It was hot. My eyes, seeking a refreshing and cooling place to stand, located an ounce of shadow behind a wall. I instantly sought it out. As I turned around the corner, I stopped dead in my tracks.
A tunnel loomed in front of me. Dozens of wind chimes hung on the side, twinkling and swaying in the slight breeze like pebbles in a stream, and charms and birdhouses made of glass hung at intervals, filling the empty spaces with sparkles. All along the floor were pots of fresh flowers in every color imaginable, and the smell of them lingered in the air. At the end of the tunnel was a bright courtyard, bursting with heat (the one reason I didn’t go down there)...it was an exact scene from my novel, a scene that I hadn’t been able to imagine for weeks. God had shown me what to write about, and it was way better than I could have ever imagined.
But there was still more to explore. During the next 15 minutes, I weaved between paths lined with ivy and creativity. I ducked under arches surrounded by clay mushrooms and glass balls dripping in color and beauty. I explored. I discovered. I imagined.
By the time it was time to go back, my imagination was filled and overflowing with things to write about and inspire. It was bursting, just like a wet sponge, to be released on the crisp white pages of my novel. With a twinge of regret, I dared to play leapfrog once again, and settled back into the doctor’s office.
But this time I had the images of fairies flitting across branches, of gnomes covering themselves up with leaves to escape the heat, and of the birds (in the near future) flying to freedom in the crisp air, to keep me company. I had gone on an adventure with the guidance of my dear imagination, and it would be an adventure to remember.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Chasing a Rainbow...Dancing in Dreams

Yesterday morning I awoke to a babies cry, a splitting headache, and a heart heavier than a slab of cement. I blinked once. Twice. And knew it was going to be an awful day. Before I set out on the un- avoidable, terrible journey ahead, I sent up a quick, desperate plea to the lord to give me enough patience to survive the horror I was about to face

I was not disappointed, it was awful...just as I expected. With no explainable reason. My soul felt like a crushed bug...desperate to run and fly, but unable. My creative rainbows trying to burst through my fingertips shattered before they met the sky. My excited brain to embark on a journey felt like it had been frozen overnight and then smashed with a heavy mallet.

I was in need of something to inspire me...and I was in need of it fast. After being tugged along by the invisible rope of hope through the day...the rope that was slowly unraveling and slipping through my fingers...I was ready to crash and await a new day that would rise with the sunrise. But it was not time yet...and so, for peace of mind, I grabbed my camera desperately and rushed out side in hopes of something to save my sanity.

The second I stepped outside...raindrops splashed on my face and the thunderclouds rolled in.
But then I noticed a colorful splash of color on the horizon. It looked like an artist had poured hues of orange and red together in a colorful spread, it was stunning. I ran like a mad woman to the edge of the driveway to snap pictures quickly before the photo disappeared from my grasp. With one hand covering the lens from disastrous raindrops and the other busy with the camera, I had a moment of peace. Satisfied...I turned around to rush back into the house....and then I stopped in my tracks. A huge, double rainbow gleamed majestically above my house....stretching across the sunset lit sky like an imaginary dream come to life. I, of course, had to chase it down and catch it. So I ran...in the opposite direction. I ran as fast as I could, and before I knew it I had cleared 1/3 mile and run across three fields. I was now drenched, my hair was wind swept all over my face, my flipflops were practically mud cubes...but it was worth it.

I stood...the wind whipping across my face, slashing my clothing with its soft fingertips and curling it’s tentacles through every follicle of hair and every cell of bare skin. The rain softly sprinkled down...lining the trees and foliage with a light, velvety covering. The rainbow stretched across the horizon....the sunset gleamed like a bright miracle ready to fly as far as it can go.

God had given me the most inspiring, awe catching experience....and it made my entire day worth it.
Now as you all have noticed, my pictures on my blog have suddenly disappeared. That is because, I just discovered yesterday, I accidentally deleted them all. I can’t get them back. SO...stick with me for a few more days as I fish through the  never ending hole called ‘I-photo’ for my logo... *shudder*

Like the appearance of the bow that is in the cloud on the day of rain, so was the appearance of the brightness all around. Such was the appearance of the likeness of the glory of the Lord. And when I saw it, I fell on my face, and I heard the voice of one speaking. – Ezekiel 1:28

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Perfect Summer Day

Today marked the first official day of summer. Not in calendar time, but in my time.
The sun was shining gloriously down, warming the air with a gentle kiss of its lips. The grass was glowing green, and seeping the summer fragrance that only grass can, it’s delicate, soft fingers pointing upwards to the Heavens. Pointing to its creator. It crunched slightly when you stepped on it, but instantly leaped back up with a cry of glee. The sky was a crystallized, shattering blue. Liquid perfection. It was the hue you could only imagine in the best daydream. A vivid, bursting color like a thousand tiny, blue diamonds sparkling in the sun. The clouds whispered by, long strands of wispy cotton balls suspended in the sky by an invisible thread.
It was a summer day. Adding to this was friends, family, and delicious barbecued chicken legs (really, what makes barbecue sauce so delicious?) We played Bache ball, Horse (the basketball game...although we renamed it ‘turtle’), and chased around the chickens while Sultan (our Rooster) puffed up like a blowfish and tried to peck us to death. It was a glorious!
And....today I saw my first butterfly.
How was everybody else's Sunday?

The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. -Psalm 19:1

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Leap Year Legacy

Leap years....they are as common as the Olympics, and much less exciting. Instead of watching people do tumbling tricks on a beam, we watch ourselves tumble into the unknown void of an extra day in the year...attempting to survive what 'leap year day' has in store for us. This year...it wasn't very good. At least, not for me.

My Leap Day:
Totaled my car
Had a very difficult day with skating (if you are an athlete...you will understand what I mean by 'difficult')
Got stuck in Jackson because the pass closed...

Bad day? Yes. Hallelujah for the sun melting the snow and Progressive...

It is amazing how happy a new month can make you. It is March, finally, and with new months, like new years, new resolutions leap into your life. I have decided that I will read 1 book a week (that is more than I have had the time to do lately... *shame*) and I will write at least 10 minutes a day. :)

Not only so, but we also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance;
-Romans 5:3

How was everybody's leap year? Any 'new month' resolutions? Leave them in a comment below!